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Module 11 - IN THE FIELD


There are four types of hunting stands. The best type for you depends on where and what you’re hunting as well as your level of physical fitness. So, which of the following stands sounds like the best fit?

Hang-On Stands 

Hang-on stands are a lightweight and versatile option for hunters. They are literally just a seat/foot rest combination that you attach to any part of the tree and perch on. Hang-on stands attach firmly to the trunk of a tree using straps or chains.

To set up a hang-on stand, you need to climb the tree. Sweating already? Simmer down and don’t panic—there are climbing aids out there that will help boost you up. You can also use climbing steps, a ladder or climbing sticks. Whatever you decide to use, make sure your climbing aid extends beyond the height of the stand. This will allow you to step down onto the stand platform once you’re up there, rather than pull yourself up to it.

This option is definitely not for you if you’re out of shape or overweight… you’ll have to climb a tree and once you’re up there, there will only about 4 square feet of space under your feet. But if you don’t mind the climb and you prioritize versatility, this roost is an awesome choice for you.

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