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Module 11 - IN THE FIELD


A self-climbing treestand is a chair/platform combo that’s designed to allow you to climb the tree while you’re standing on the treestand. It may sound like witchcraft, but self-climbers actually work well under the right circumstances!

Modern climbing stands are very secure. They attach to the tree with plastic or rubber covered cables or strong chains. Durable locking pins hold everything in place.

Using a Climbing Stand

Always follow the advice of the product manufacturer, but generally, these are the steps you should take to safely use a climbing stand:

  1. Secure both the chair and the platform around the tree base with straps.
  2. Raise the top platform (chair) and then place your weight on it.
  3. Elevate your legs to raise the bottom platform.
  4. Lock the lower platform against the tree with your weight.
  5. Repeat the process as you inchworm your way up the tree.

Here’s the thing about climbing stands—to use one, you’ll need a strong, straight tree that isn’t too thick and it must be totally limbless below your desired platform height. Remember, you’ll be inching your way up, step-by-step, so you’re looking for the unicorn of trees. A wide, crooked, or twiggy oak will give you a hard time.

The self-climber is not for the out of shape, but if you value mobility and a fairly quick set up, the climbing stand might be your best option.

Wise Words: Angle It Up

Attach the top and bottom platforms to the tree at an upward angle to accommodate the narrowing of the trunk as you climb higher. It’s also a good idea to tether the top and bottom harness together as a safety precaution.

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