HUNTINGsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 11 - IN THE FIELD


Tower stands are similar to ladder stands because they’re big, heavy and they need to be set-up in advance of the hunt with help from your buddies. However, unlike ladder stands, tower stands are totally self-sufficient, free-standing, structures. No trees required!

If you’re hunting in the prairie region of the Midwest, in low-lying brush country or anywhere else where trees are sparse, a tower stand is exactly what you’ll need. Tower stands have three or four legs to provide support for the weight of the platform and they’ll often have a blind or roof to camouflage and protect you from the weather.  

Tower stands are only a good choice if you can leave it in one spot for a long time. This will allow the game animals in the area to get used to the new landmark. The closer they will come to the stand, the better.

Wise Words: Practice and Inspect

If you’re new to using elevated stands, you should practice using the stand at ground level and get comfortable being in the small space before you climb up to the elevated height that’s used for hunting. Additionally, you should always inspect the stand and accessories before each use.

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