HUNTINGsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 11 - IN THE FIELD


Always put on your full body harness before you start to climb and wear it until both boots are back on the ground. If you’re a one-stop shopper, buy a certified TMA treestand because it will come with a TMA-certified full body harness and relief strap. There is no excuse not to wear a full body harness. It’s a low-maintenance lifesaver: You simply pull it on like a vest, attach all of the buckles and straps and make sure it’s snug but comfortable.

Here’s how it works: The tether strap should be secured higher than the stand, so that there is no slack in the rope. This strap will attach your harness to the tree and keep you close enough to the platform so that if you do fall off, you’ll be able to climb back on.

A full body harness will have a shock absorbing feature built into the tether. However, even a full body harness can be dangerous if you fall and are suspended for too long. The straps will begin to cut off the circulation to your limbs and cause blood to pool in your legs. No matter what kind of FAS you have, you’ll need to get out of it as quickly as possible after a fall.

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